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The Garden Club of Watchung
​Build Friendships
Field Trips
Beautify the Community
Meet and work with people of similar interests while forming lifelong friendships 
​​Develope and maintain our community gardens 
​​Visit gardens, Nurseries, Arboretums,Parks,Historical Sites, Museums, etc.  for pleasure and to learn about our environment and how to protect it.

February 1, 2017
Our Clubs 60 Year Anniversary

Our Club was organized in 1957 and Federated with The Garden Club of New Jersey.  We donned fashion of the 1950's and created tea cup arrangements under the guidance of Karma Flowers. 
Deer Resistant Garden
Pruning, weeding and trimming
We planted and now maintain a deer resistant garden located behind The Watchung Art Center and near the library. Each plant has a marker so residents can learn what perennial plants grow well in Watchung and are not on the menu for our local deer population.
Annual Plant Sale
A favorite fund raiser is our annual plant sale
May 7, 2016
It was a very dreary day for our plant sale but in spite of the inclement weather, our sales went well.  The proceeds from this sale enable our club to support our community projects.  

Community Beautification

Planting marigolds and begonias at the Watchung Circle

May 17, 2016

The Garden Club of Watchung